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Here’s the cheapest flights to Bali right now – Book Now or Miss Out!

Bali is open again and it’s proving popular with Australian’s looking for a quick and cheap holiday. Whether you’re after a beach resort of Nusa Dua or a a quiet sanctuary in Ubud, or even if you still prefer the party atmosphere of Kuta, there’s something for all traveller’s to Bali and there’s still cheap flights to Bali you can find and book.

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Here’s cheap flights to Bali:

Origin - DestinationDepartureReturn atPriceBook
SurabayaDenpasar (Bali)30 November 20236 December 2023 110Book Now
Labuan BajoDenpasar (Bali)1 February 20243 February 2024 142Book Now
Kuala LumpurDenpasar (Bali)17 January 202421 January 2024 153Book Now
JakartaDenpasar (Bali)12 February 202416 February 2024 167Book Now
SingaporeDenpasar (Bali)2 March 20247 March 2024 195Book Now
ManilaDenpasar (Bali)12 February 202415 February 2024 231Book Now
Ho Chi Minh CityDenpasar (Bali)3 January 20248 January 2024 232Book Now
LangkawiDenpasar (Bali)17 February 202420 February 2024 253Book Now
PenangDenpasar (Bali)31 December 20235 January 2024 268Book Now
Kota KinabaluDenpasar (Bali)20 March 202423 March 2024 270Book Now
HanoiDenpasar (Bali)4 January 20248 January 2024 270Book Now
Nha TrangDenpasar (Bali)3 January 20248 January 2024 271Book Now
BangkokDenpasar (Bali)12 March 202414 March 2024 291Book Now
Hong KongDenpasar (Bali)25 March 202428 March 2024 316Book Now
PhuketDenpasar (Bali)1 February 20242 February 2024 331Book Now
Phu QuocDenpasar (Bali)7 December 202311 December 2023 332Book Now
Da NangDenpasar (Bali)14 December 202316 December 2023 340Book Now
HaikouDenpasar (Bali)6 January 202410 January 2024 341Book Now
TaipeiDenpasar (Bali)16 January 202419 January 2024 352Book Now
SeoulDenpasar (Bali)11 December 202315 December 2023 371Book Now
Phnom PenhDenpasar (Bali)15 March 202416 March 2024 381Book Now
Siem ReapDenpasar (Bali)3 January 20245 January 2024 383Book Now
GuangzhouDenpasar (Bali)7 January 202413 January 2024 388Book Now
KaohsiungDenpasar (Bali)18 January 202422 January 2024 396Book Now
ShanghaiDenpasar (Bali)9 December 202314 December 2023 396Book Now
ShenzhenDenpasar (Bali)17 January 202420 January 2024 413Book Now
MelbourneDenpasar (Bali)18 February 202420 February 2024 414Book Now
TokyoDenpasar (Bali)15 January 202416 January 2024 470Book Now
MumbaiDenpasar (Bali)29 January 20244 February 2024 488Book Now
XiamenDenpasar (Bali)7 March 202411 March 2024 489Book Now
BeijingDenpasar (Bali)6 December 202312 December 2023 497Book Now
ChengduDenpasar (Bali)15 March 202420 March 2024 509Book Now
KochiDenpasar (Bali)21 December 202327 December 2023 535Book Now
DelhiDenpasar (Bali)18 February 202424 February 2024 549Book Now
ColomboDenpasar (Bali)15 January 202418 January 2024 552Book Now
Chiang MaiDenpasar (Bali)1 January 20247 January 2024 557Book Now
SydneyDenpasar (Bali)15 February 202419 February 2024 573Book Now
KolkataDenpasar (Bali)30 December 20235 January 2024 574Book Now
NanjingDenpasar (Bali)3 December 20239 December 2023 595Book Now
SanyaDenpasar (Bali)18 December 202324 December 2023 613Book Now
MaleDenpasar (Bali)19 January 202422 January 2024 639Book Now
SorongDenpasar (Bali)11 May 202416 May 2024 639Book Now
ShenyangDenpasar (Bali)4 January 20249 January 2024 669Book Now
BusanDenpasar (Bali)24 December 202329 December 2023 678Book Now
HangzhouDenpasar (Bali)31 January 20246 February 2024 696Book Now
Coolangatta (Gold Coast)Denpasar (Bali)24 January 202428 January 2024 702Book Now
DiliDenpasar (Bali)29 November 20233 December 2023 713Book Now
HarbinDenpasar (Bali)15 December 202320 December 2023 729Book Now
BrisbaneDenpasar (Bali)22 April 202428 April 2024 731Book Now
XianDenpasar (Bali)6 December 20237 December 2023 738Book Now
SharjahDenpasar (Bali)5 December 202311 December 2023 759Book Now
Ras al-KhaimahDenpasar (Bali)5 December 202311 December 2023 776Book Now
DubaiDenpasar (Bali)4 March 202410 March 2024 781Book Now
KathmanduDenpasar (Bali)20 May 202426 May 2024 839Book Now
DarwinDenpasar (Bali)9 December 202311 December 2023 847Book Now
YanjiDenpasar (Bali)2 January 20246 January 2024 879Book Now
AucklandDenpasar (Bali)4 March 202410 March 2024 900Book Now
Bandar Seri BegawanDenpasar (Bali)29 November 20233 December 2023 946Book Now
IstanbulDenpasar (Bali)25 January 202431 January 2024 1 133Book Now
AmsterdamDenpasar (Bali)15 January 202421 January 2024 1 308Book Now
JeddahDenpasar (Bali)30 December 20232 January 2024 1 386Book Now
JohannesburgDenpasar (Bali)12 February 202418 February 2024 1 431Book Now
AthensDenpasar (Bali)29 December 202331 December 2023 1 489Book Now
MilanDenpasar (Bali)2 January 20248 January 2024 1 586Book Now
FrankfurtDenpasar (Bali)15 January 202417 January 2024 1 593Book Now

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