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These terms and conditions relate to the use of ‘this website’ which refers to ‘flightsale.com.au’ and ‘flight-sale.com’ and any subsidiaries. Your use of this website, means you are in agreement, acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The owner of this website, also operates a travel agency under the trading name Flight Sale Elite linked to the following ABN: 17663892528 – which is a registered trading name of Flight Sale Au Pty Ltd based in NSW, Australia and as such, Australian consumer laws apply.

Terms such as ‘You’ or ‘traveller’ or ‘travellers’ refers to any person or persons choosing to visit this website whether to view, search, browse or to make a booking through any affiliated or non-affiliated supplier of any travel and tourism product which appears on this website. A travel product includes but is not limited to flights, hotels, activities, tickets, rail travel and passes, buses, insurance, car hire or anything else a traveller may use when going somewhere else outside of their usual residence.

This website provides information on an ‘as-is’ and in ‘good faith’ basis only. We make no guarantees or promises that any price or product mentioned will be available to buy or be as its presented, as it’s possible by the time you view the product, it may have expired, already been booked out been changed by the supplier or otherwise been withdrawn from sale by the supplier without any notice to us or this website.

We make all possible attempts to ensure that at the time of writing, you have the best possible chance of booking travel deals as presented by linking to flights ‘available to book’, or ‘hotels available to book’ etc, however there can be limited supplies of any tourism product and so if it’s booked out or the price you expected to see is no longer available, it means you have missed out.

If you see a product presented on our website you like, that fits with your needs, budget and expectation, we recommend booking it as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out.

It’s also important to note that on occasion, advertisements may be presented to you which are distributed by Google Adsense. This website does not always control which advertisements are presented and as such there may be travel products (or non travel products) presented without our knowledge and as such, these can not be taken as always being recommended products by us. Advertising provides an alternate means of revenue to cover website fees such as hosting, domain names and maintenance. If however, you see a well known brand or product advertised on this site such as (but not limited to) Carnival Cruises, Cheapflights.com, Qatar Airways, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Silverseas, Hilton, Accor, Camera House etc and these products are of genuine interest to you then feel free to explore these options further. If you have any questions about anything you’ve seen on this website, please contact us.

All products bookable via this website are supplied by third parties and as such, we can not make any guarantee as to their quality, price, inclusions, availability, colour, view, size, style or operating hours or anything else. We strongly recommend you do sufficient research (checking reviews, map location, read their terms and conditions etc) prior to making any booking to ensure the product you are booking, matches your needs, budget and expectations.

You may notice different currencies presented on this site. Prices presented on this site are based on the country of departure. If the flight is departing from Sydney, Australia then the price will be presented in Australian dollars. If the flight is departing from New York, USA then the price will be presented in US dollars. If the flight is departing a European country, then the price will be displayed in Euros and so on. Using our flight search tool, you can easily change the currency displayed by clicking on the currency box in the top right corner.

If you have questions about anything you have seen on this website, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Our aim at Flight Sale is to make purchasing online travel easier, by linking direct to awesome travel deals, flight sales and other travel products, ready to book – for the independent traveller.

However, since building this website, we have also registered as an independant travel agency so that we can make bookings for tricky products like round the world tickets and cruises. If you book direct with Flight Sale Elite – our travel agency – then you will receive an invoice from us and we are acting as the agent.

If you click on a link, on this website and find yourself on another external website, then chances are you will not be booking direct with us.

This website uses affiliate links, provided by third parties such as Travelpayouts, and also occasionally including direct suppliers of travel products. These links provide a potential commission for any purchase or in some cases clicks made by you (similar to an online travel agent) but at no further cost to you. Not every link is an affiliate link. For more information about affiliate links, read ‘why book via this site‘. Any income derived from links is simply to sustain this website as it costs real money to keep it going with hosting fees, domains, website maintenance and associated subscriptions.

Every supplier of travel products has their own terms and conditions and it’s really important you read their terms and conditions to ensure you understand the agreement you are making with the supplier, when purchasing ANY travel product. Not an endless list but some sections to look out for and ensure you understand when reading terms and conditions include:

  • Refunds – what is their system and policy for refunds? Do they allow refunds?
  • Cancellations – what is their process for changes and cancellations? Does the airline, hotel or specific airfare you are purchasing allow cancellations?
  • Credit card fees – How much do they charge for using credit cards? Is it a % of the booking or a flat fee?
  • Where is the business located? Is it in Australia, USA, Spain, the UK or elsewhere? This is important because the applicable rules of that country applies when it comes to complaints or disputes.
  • What is their complaints process?
  • What currency are the prices displayed in? It is very easy to presume a website is displaying Australian dollars when you’ll actually be charged in US dollars which makes it more expensive.
  • What service fees do they have? Are their any unexpected charges you could face for cancellations or refunds or changes? Some companies charge a service fee just to email customer service.
  • Note that where an airline may offer unlimited date changes, this may not apply if you booked via an online travel agent or third party website

If you have any questions about terms and conditions of a third party, you should ask them first to clarify, but if you need to, you can contact us with questions you may have about travel.

Many online travel agents are owned by physical travel agencies. For example, Fly with Betty and BYO Jet are owned by Flight Centre Ltd which has physical stores. These online only companies often have their own terms and conditions, seperate from the parent company. Never presume that because you booked through an online travel agency that the physical store will assist you with any enquiries.

The Flight Search Tool and Cheap Flight Comparison Tool you’ll find on this website are provided by Jet Radar. Information is presented via api’s (an api allows two websites to talk to each other) by both airlines and online travel agents which includes flight prices, baggage allowances and more. All prices and inclusions presented are provided ‘as is’ and in ‘good faith. Prices and inclusions are only confirmed, when you make a confirmed reservation, provide your credit card details to either the airline or the online travel agent and receive a flight booking confirmation and e-ticket.

We do not choose which airlines or online travel agents are displayed in search results on this website. Instead, multiple airlines (including budget airlines) and online travel agent options are presented, giving you the option to choose the airline, flight price, flight times and/or online travel agent which suits your needs, budget and preference best.

Always read the terms and conditions of any travel product you are purchasing and if it doesn’t seem right, find an alternate supplier.

We offer advice and suggestions which you are free to use or not use based on your own needs, budget and expectations.

We make direct bookings on behalf of our customers when trading as Flight Sale Elite and will invoice you as such.

We recommend you read our privacy policy to see how your data is used and managed. We also recommend you read ‘who we are‘ for further information about Flight Sale Au Pty Ltd trading as Flight Sale Elite.

Before booking any travel, check the latest health and safety advice from your government.

We hope that by being transparent with our operations, we gain your trust and that you’ll recommend us to your friends.

We’re forever growing and we have big plans to make booking travel even easier.

Join the club so you don’t miss out and as always, any questions, please contact us

Thanks for reading, 

Happy Travels


The Flight Sale Team.

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