Service Fees

These service fees apply to bookings made direct through Flight Sale Au Pty Ltd Trading as Flight Sale Elite.

Over the past few years, many airlines and other suppliers have dropped their commissions paid out to travel agents. The travel industry has been forced to move to a service fee model, much like accountants or mechanics.

When quoting airfares or other travel products, we aim to include service fees in our quotations. This page is for informational purposes.

If you have any questions about these, check our FAQ’s page or contact us.

*Credit card fees are always in addition to any quoted price and are non-refundable at any time.*

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Pre-commitment payment

Update: 27 November 2023. All custom itineraries of more than 2 cities including flights and/or hotels may require a minimum $250 pre-commitment deposit. This is not a fee. This comes off the cost of the travel products you end up booking with us such as flights and/or accommodation etc.

As you can imagine, creating complex itineraries is time consuming and as a small independent travel agency, we don’t have the time to create complex itineraries where no booking comes out of it. We will work with you to create your dream trip and the more details provided up front, the closer your itinerary will be to your ideal trip. We’re here to send you travelling.

Booking deposits

Deposits on travel products once booked will vary depending upon the product and the length of time, prior to departure.

In many cases (e.g. flights) full payment is required within 24 hours of making the booking. You’ll be advised of the ticketing time limit at the time of booking.

All supplier deposit requirements will be advised at the time of booking. In addition to any supplier deposits, Flight Sale Elite will also charge a non-refundable deposit of $250 per booking. This will go towards your final payment, however will also form cancellation fees in the event of cancellation. If a $250 pre-commitment fee is paid for a custom itinerary, this will form the non-refundable deposit.

Payments – All credit card fees are non-refundable

To make payments, please visit our payments page.

Payment Options and Applicable FeesFee Charged
EFT or Bank Transfer$0 (unless your bank charges a fee)
Credit Card Fees apply to all payments made via credit card (Australian bank credit cards)1.76%
International Bank Credit Cards3% (Your bank may also charge fees)
Additional 2% conversion fee may also apply
ChequesWe do not accept cheques
Payment deadlines must be strictly adhered to otherwise your booking may be cancelled. Flight Sale Elite can not be held responsible for any fare changes, in the event of funds not clearing prior to ticketing deadlines or held up from your bank.

Service Fees – All service fees are non-refundable

Service Fee DescriptionFee Charged
International Airfare Ticket – per point to point ticket$295
Round the World ticket* – per ticket$695 – $1595
Domestic Airfare Ticket – per point to point ticket$175
Miscellaneous airfare additions – seating request, meals, additional baggageVaries between airlines and class of travel – advised at time of booking
Ticketing fees – charged by our consolidator – per ticket**$40
Rail Booking Fee – Applies per booking for point to point tickets or passes***$150
Cruises – Short cruises under 7 days may incur a service fee as these do not pay commission
Longer cruises more than 7 days and luxury cruises do not incur service fees
from $150 per booking
Hotels – case by case basis – some hotels do not pay commission
If a hotel pays commission, we don’t charge a service fee. However, many hotel rates are package rates which we must not provide a breakdown as per contractual agreements.
from $25 per night
Printed travel documents including postage$35
Amendments and Cancellation Fees
Amendment – Domestic or International Airfare Ticket – per ticket****Minimum $150 + Airline fees + Any applicable fare difference
Cancellation – International Airfare Ticket – per point to point ticket*****Minimum $500 + Airline fees (if ticket offers cancellation)
Amendment– Round the world ticketMinimum $225 + Airline fees + Any applicable fare difference
Cancellation – Round the world ticketVaries based on itinerary/fare paid
Amendment – Rail Products***$125 + Any applicable fare difference
Cancellation – Rail Products***Non-refundable
Amendment – Hotel Productsfrom $25 + Any applicable rate difference
Cancellation – Hotel Products******Minimum 1 night cancellation fee (if hotel offers cancellation)
Cruises, tours, car rentalVaries based on operator – advised at time of booking
*Round the world itineraries are complex and it can take many hours to find availability and book. These fees vary depending upon the length of the round the world itinerary and the numbers of stopovers involved.
**These are included when quoting if applicable.
***If booked in one transaction. Seat reservations are an additional cost and additional service fees apply if rail products are booked in multiple transactions. Amendment fees apply if changing the date/time of a booked service however not all rail products can be changed or cancelled. Most rail products are non-refundable and non-changeable. This will be advised at the time of quoting.
****Amendment fees may apply regardless if the change is voluntary or involuntary.
It’s important to note that ‘Any applicable fare difference’ can be hundreds or thousands of dollars more than the cost of your original ticket and is not charged by us, the agent – it is the cost of upgrading from the fare you paid, to an available fare on the new dates you choose.
*****Many airfares are non-refundable, across all fare types and classes. In the instance you purchase a non-refundable airfare – these are non-changeable, and in the event of cancellation you will not receive any refund of any kind.
****** Many hotel room rates are non-refundable/non-changeable. These will be advised at the time of booking.

Other fees may be necessary depending upon your itinerary and some fees may be charged by our suppliers which will be advised at the time of quoting/booking. These fees are non-refundable at all times.

If you have any questions about these fees, please contact us.

These fees are subject to change at any time and if a change in these fees affects your booking, you’ll be notified.

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