Why book via this site?

Our aim at Flight Sale is to make purchasing online travel easier, by linking direct to awesome travel deals, flight sales and other travel products, ready to book – for the independent traveller.

As ex-Travel Agent’s, we were frustrated with the options of booking flights online. Many flight search engines displayed results based on who paid the highest advertising fees, most often, low-cost airlines didn’t show up, because they don’t pay commission, and choosing which currency to pay for your flight to ensure the best price, wasn’t always an easy option. Plus you had to search and compare across dozens of websites.

Many websites which claim to offer comparisons, in fact show results based on advertiser fees. The higher the fees, the higher suppliers appear in search results. Trivago was fined for misleading consumers for exactly this. Most flight comparison or ‘meta search’ engines such as Sky Scanner (owned by Trip.com-China), Google Flights (owned by Google-USA), Kayak (owned by Priceline/Booking.com-USA), Webjet, Cheap Flights (owned by Priceline/Booking.com-USA), Cheap Tickets/Orbitz/Travelocity (owned by Expedia-AU/USA) etc are owned by corporate behemoths who’s aim is monopolisation, taking over the small companies, and to own everything.

So in building a useful travel booking site, we found a flight search engine that provided everything we wanted and more. We’ve built a fast flight and hotel search engine into this website which is powered by Jetradar. This displays results based on the cheapest flight or hotel, including budget carriers, but most importantly, it has easy to use and powerful filters to sort through and find your ideal flight or hotel including based on flight time, price, online travel agency and more.

When you click on the orange ‘book’ button, you’ll be taken to either the airline’s own website, or an online travel agent (e.g. BYOJet, Trip.com, Agoda, Hotels.com etc) to book your flights or hotel, so you can know you’re getting the best deal possible.

However, you can also easily book car hire, attraction passes and day tours, rail tickets and passes, insurance, bus tickets, bicycle and motorbike rental – pretty much anything you could need to organise, any aspect of your trip either domestically or abroad.

Consider it a one-stop shop for all your travel needs.

As a small business up against the world it may seem a daunting task, and some days it seems insurmountable. But at its core is a travel deal site that doesn’t answer to shareholders, has no targets or KPI’s to make. We answer only to the users of this website.
What do you want? Share your thoughts.

If there’s something missing, tell us. We’re always open to suggestions to make this site user friendly and easier to use.
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It’s important to point out, at flightsale.com.au we’re not acting as travel agents. We won’t process your booking, or take payment for a flight, we’re merely providing easy options, for you to find the latest travel deals and to easily book your trip online, yourself with either a direct provider of travel services like an airline, or an online travel agent. 

Why is Flight Sale not a travel agent?
Simply, travel agents are a dying (if not dead) industry. Travel booking websites are run by developers and data experts, not people with years of travel industry experience. It’s all about the clicks and sales, not the travel knowledge. Acting as a travel agent, doesn’t have the same clout it once had now that everyone travels and as airlines make their inventory available via api, (meaning two websites can talk to each other) then the result is easier online bookings for you.

However, if you need help booking your trip online, we can easily help you out. Send us an email and we’ll point you in the right direction.

By not acting as a travel agent, means we won’t ask for payment (unless you choose to purchase merchandise or memberships from this website, which are coming soon), which makes it ultimately safer and cheaper for you.

However, as qualified travel agents (Certificate 3 & 4 of Travel and Tourism from both Australia and New Zealand and IATA Airfares and Ticketing), we have all the required knowledge and expertise to create virtually any itinerary. We offer an itinerary planning service if you would like us to plan your trip, including a day-by-day itinerary, and provide links to book everything online; keeping costs low and ensuring you’re still getting the best possible price, but taking the hassle and confusion out of the planning stage. 

You’ll also find multiple articles and podcasts aimed to help you better understand booking travel online, including: 

There’s a podcast of Cheap Flights which includes links to book the cheap flights we’ve found. All links provided to book cheap flights direct you to the flight search page attached to this website. From here you’ll be directed to book your flights with either the airline direct, or choose a suitable online travel agent. 

Creating useful content, finding cheap airfares along with website hosting fees all costs time and real money. To help cover costs, this site, https://flightsale.com.au, is a member of multiple affiliate programs including Google AdSense, Travel Payouts (which includes Agoda, Discover Cars, Get Your Guide, Avia Sales, Jetradar, VRBO, Stayz and more), Awin, Apple Music and the Book Depository, Eurail, Groupon and Airbnb. This list is being added to and is not exhaustive.

When you make a purchase, via this website, this may take a small commission from mega corporate giants and billionaires like Apple, Amazon (owned by Jeff Bezos, richest person in the world), Priceline, Booking.com, Trip.com (which owns Skyscanner), Flight Centre etc and pays it to us, without any additional cost to you, simply because you booked via this website. It’s not much, but honestly, they can afford it. This helps to keep this site going.

The more travellers that book via this site, the better deals we’ll be able to negotiate in future with suppliers like airlines, hotels and activities.

If you have questions about your privacy, please read my privacy policy. Make sure you read our terms and for anything else, please contact us.

Happy travels and don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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The Flight Sale Team.

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