Airlines and Airports Crossword Puzzle


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Refresh your travel knowledge with this quick airlines and airports themed crossword we just created for you.

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1. Which airline logo features a kangaroo?
2. What is the national airline of Qatar?
3. A tiny nation in Asia is the hub for this dry airline.
4. The flagship Russian airline.
5. Hong Kong based airline named after a mythical creature.
6. Which airline was once banned from Europe, but then ended up a 5 star rated Sky Trax airline?
7. This orange themed budget airline is found in Europe.
8. What is Ireland's national carrier?
9. This African carrier is named after a sweet, tropical fruit.
10. Thai Airways main hub city.
11. Asian hub city, famous for its zoo and bird park.
12. This US state was bought from Russia.
13. This Indian airline is named after a kitchen essential.
14. What is the 3 letter airport code for Fukuoka, Japan
15. What is the national airline for Germany?

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