Cheaper Airfares Return with Increased Capacity from 747’s and A380’s Aircraft

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Boing 747’s and Airbus A380’s are making a comeback! After being assigned to junk pile’s in deserts worldwide during COVID times, many airlines have realised that more seats = more customers and traveller’s have grown weary of limited availability and high prices.

Most major airlines such as Qantas (QF), Lufthansa (LH) and Singapore Airlines (SQ) were in the process of decommissioning their 747’s and A380’s in favour of more fuel efficient aircraft such as the Boeing Dreamliner 787 and Airbus A350.

However delays in airlines receiving these fuel efficient aircraft (due to increased demand, limited supplies) has meant airlines such as Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai and Lufthansa have had to re-commission old aircraft so they can accommodate more passengers.

It’s also convenient (and ironic) that this news is announced the same week that China’s borders open up to traveller’s and dozens of outbound flights by Chinese carriers mean additional capacity opening up on new routes.

Pre-covid, traveller’s were treated to under $1000 economy return from Australia to Europe and under $4000 return in Business Class.

Airlines have realised that, if they could accommodate more traveller’s then that would equate to increased profits with more seats available, or maybe traveller’s are weary of being asked for $3K – $4K+ for Economy and $12K+ for Business Class which has been the norm since the borders opened last year.

Either way and whatever the reason, more seats means there’s a higher chance of getting a better priced seat.

Previously I was told by airline representatives that cheaper airfares weren’t happening because of limited capacity due to a number of reasons (and also because traveller’s were paying those silly prices). Then I was told it was a staffing issue, then it was a parts issue, then it was training. Here’s hoping with these old bird’s taking to the skies once more – that cheaper airfares will return, maybe not in 2023, but hopefully for the 2024 Northern Hemisphere summer season.

Flight tickets are usually bookable up to 11 months in advance (varies by a few days/weeks with each airline) so mark your calendar a year out if you want to book flights for next year. Cheap flight seats go first, the longer you wait, the higher the chance of missing out on a decent priced airfare.

I predicted that once Chinese carriers returned post-covid that other airlines would ‘suddenly find more seats and cheaper fares’ as if they were hiding down the back of the couch. Stay tuned for

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