Expedition Cruises

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Why Choose an Expedition Cruise?

Embark on the ultimate adventure with an Expedition Cruise. Discover remote wonders like the Arctic, Amazon, or Antarctica from the comfort of a luxury cruise ship.

Led by expert guides, these journeys promise intimate encounters with nature’s marvels. Whether you’re an adventurer, nature lover, or just seeking unique experiences, our handpicked expeditions unveil hidden treasures and pristine wilderness. Explore our curated cruises now and create lasting memories on an epic voyage!

An Expedition Cruise is designed for reaching unique destinations, in a small group, in comfort. No more waiting hours for a tender or having to queue up for buffets.

Expedition Cruise specialists include:

Expedition Ships are designed to explore the furthest reaches of the globe from Antarctica to Greenland and everything in between. No island too far, no village too remote – an expedition cruise will earn your ‘Explorer’ Badge and give you a lifetime of stories to tell.

As popular destinations become crowded with hoards of tourists, expedition cruising provides an escape, for real travellers who want to experience remote places, untouched by tourists.

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