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About Us

Who is FlightSale?

We’re an Australian online business, based in Sydney, NSW, run by a team of qualified travel experts. We currently don’t operate a shopfront because our customers don’t have time to visit an office and many of them live around Australia.
You’ll find all the information about who we are, here.

Why should I book via this website?

There’s lots of reasons, you’ll find them all here. However in short, we’re an Australian business, run by a small team of qualified travel agents, airline ticketing, IATA airfare construction and explorers of over 55+ countries. Our aim is to help make it easier for independent travellers to book travel products to interesting destinations.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is important to us. You can find our full privacy policy here.

Why did you change from an affiliate website to a registered travel agent?

The website was growing, our customers demanded more and in the end, it gives us more control about the buying process. Having full access to a GDS (airline reservation system) to book round the world flight tickets, circle pacific trip tickets, Business and First Class tickets, plus cruises and having greater access to travel products became a no brainer and it is super exciting to have access to so much information.

The Meta search site https://book.flightsale.com.au is still active for those that prefer to book online (or for low cost carriers) but by giving our customer’s the option, we’re servicing more customers in the way they wish to book travel.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

About Booking Travel

What is the best time to book the cheapest flight ticket?

You’ll hear many bloggers boasting about the best time to book the cheapest flight ticket using catch phrases like sweet spots, best time, and private website browsing. There’s a full blog post and a podcast episode about booking the cheapest flights. However, common sense applies.

An aircraft has a limited number of seats. The airline releases a set number of seats at a reduced price to encourage bookings and to fill seats, usually in advance. When these cheap seats book out, then the next fair bracket applies. It’s not complicated.

Jade Jackson, Chief Pilot of FlightSale

Generally, the further in advance you book, the cheaper your ticket will be. On occasion, if an airline has seats remaining, it may have a last minute sale. Shopping around between online travel agents may save you $20-$50 on the average flight ticket as they reduce their commission in order to get a sale, however they will usually try and recoup that money in other ways such as booking or service fees.

The least popular days and times will always be cheapest, such as Tue at 5am. However these will vary depending upon local holidays or events.

✈️ Here’s how to book the cheapest flight, every time.✈️

When is the best time to book the cheapest hotel room?

Like flights, is usually best to book in advance to get the cheapest hotel room. It’s becoming rarer for last minute rooms to be cheaper as hotels check guests into their cheapest rooms first, leaving only expensive rooms for last minute guests. Unless there’s a cancellation, or you are booking on the day of hotel use (in which case you’re best to ring the hotel direct), then booking in advance is usually best. Gone are the days of the website, ratestogo where you could book premium rooms at up to 40% off just so the hotels could fill them.

With comparison sites, it’s difficult for hotels to release 1 price for 1 supplier without the others finding out, hence why sites like RatesToGo are rarer these days.

Should I book direct with an airline or use a travel agent such as Flight Sale Elite?

Ah, that old chestnut. You’ll hear arguments for and against online travel agents. There’s a detailed blog post about this but use common sense. If a price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

You can save money using an online travel agent, anywhere from $20 – $200 but be aware, they will often try and add-on extra fees including credit card payment fee, service fee, date change fee, baggage fees, insurance fees etc.

At Flight Sale Elite – we are transparent with our service fees and the price quoted is the price you pay (depending upon your method of payment).

If there is a chance of changing your ticket, it’s easier to deal with an airline direct (usually), however major online travel agents like Trip.com (which owns Sky Scanner), Expedia, Kiwi.com and CheapOAir are all major companies, many owned by huge corporate behemoths, so you can sleep easy knowing they will have a customer service department in charge to look after you.

At Flight Sale Elite, we’re just a phone call away to access your booking, even whilst travelling.

Always read the terms and conditions before handing over your credit card details and if it feels dodgy or something isn’t right, then use an alternate travel website. Any questions, ask us.

Is it safe to travel with COVID-19 still around?

Different governments have different rules and regulations. Always check local advice from your own government as these change with little notice. However there is some useful links here.

I’m sure there’s dozens of questions that will pop up, for anything else, please contact us.

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