30 Free Activities in Sydney With Your Dine & Discover Vouchers

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Most Sydney suburbs now have access to their $100 Dine & Discover Vouchers (all of NSW will have access by 31 March 2021) and finally the list of businesses that will accept them has been published.

There’s 30+ fun and memorable activity and dining options you can choose from to use your Dine & Discover NSW voucher and not only will you be helping a local business recover from the COVID shutdown, it potentially won’t cost you anything!

Discover 30 activities in Sydney where you can use your $100 Dine & Discover NSW Voucher.

Some of the awesome tourist attractions you can use your $100 Dine & Discover Voucher at, include:

Awaken your senses

Hurry, Dine & Discover vouchers must be used before 30 June 2021!
If you don’t have the vouchers yet, you can get them here. Vouchers are not stackable. E.g. if you wish to book two $25 activities for free using both vouchers, then you will need to make two separate transactions. Vouchers cannot be used on child tickets. 

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