International Travel Resumes December 2021

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If you’re wondering when will international travel resume? According to a recent announcement by Qantas, Australia’s border will open and international travel will resume by mid-December 2021.

There’s more politics involved which matches this blog post estimating when Australia’s border would re-open.

According to Alan Joyce, the plan is as follows:

  • Gradual restart planned around National Cabinet’s phased reopening of international borders.
  • Current date of December 2021 remains in reach, based on pace of vaccine rollout.
  • Plans remain dependent on Government decisions in coming months, including future quarantine requirements.
  • Destinations with high vaccination rates are initial focus, including North America, UK, Singapore, Japan.
  • Early return of five A380s to meet high demand to Los Angeles and London from mid-2022.
  • Total of 10 A380s with upgraded cabins to return to service; two to be retired.

Australia is expected to reach 80 per cent vaccination rate in December 2021, which would allow the reopening of international borders.

Countries with similar vaccination rates including the UK, North America and parts of Asia are likely to be the first ‘travel bubbles’ to trial an opening of international borders.

It’s important to note that a formal Government decision is yet to be made or announced regarding the quarantine policy for returning travellers.

Flights to destinations with low vaccine rates and high levels of COVID infection will now resume no earlier than April 2022 – including Bali, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh City and Johannesburg – again, pending Australian Government decisions regarding quarantine or suitable alternatives.


  • Mid December 2021 – flights are now available to book from Australia to COVID-safe destinations including – Singapore, USA Japan, United Kingdom and Canada and potentially Fiji
  • Qantas will resume flights to Hong Kong starting from April 2022 which are available to book now
  • Negotiations with Airbus are underway to increase the range of aircraft, reducing the need for refuelling stops
  • Other destinations to gradually resume as vaccination rates increase worldwide

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You can read the full press release here.

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