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Cheap Flights to Europe with SINGAPORE AIRLINES!

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SINGAPORE AIRLINES just announced a huge flight sale, with tickets to Spain from $1095 Economy Class return – including checked baggage, inflight meals and entertainment!

If you see dates that suit, Book Now or Miss Out!

Snap up these cheap flights to Barcelona, Spain from Singapore Airlines. Travel in Feb – March/23. Prices listed include bags + meals.

$1095 Return Perth to Barcelona Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
08/Mar27/Mar$1095View Flight
11/Feb10/Mar$1095View Flight
09/Feb10/Mar$1095View Flight
11/Feb12/Mar$1095View Flight
12/Mar30/Mar$1100View Flight
07/Mar27/Mar$1100View Flight
08/Mar30/Mar$1100View Flight
16/Feb13/Mar$1100View Flight
14/Feb13/Mar$1100View Flight
01/Feb15/Feb$1109View Flight
02/Feb16/Feb$1109View Flight
08/Feb22/Feb$1109View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$1109View Flight
02/Mar16/Mar$1109View Flight
08/Mar22/Mar$1109View Flight
09/Mar23/Mar$1109View Flight
15/Mar29/Mar$1109View Flight
16/Mar30/Mar$1109View Flight
19/Feb09/Mar$1198View Flight
19/Feb10/Mar$1198View Flight
$1117 Return Adelaide to Barcelona Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
07/Mar27/Mar$1117View Flight
07/Mar29/Mar$1117View Flight
14/Feb08/Mar$1117View Flight
11/Feb10/Mar$1117View Flight
14/Feb13/Mar$1117View Flight
11/Feb12/Mar$1117View Flight
10/Feb06/Mar$1211View Flight
16/Feb13/Mar$1212View Flight
09/Feb10/Mar$1215View Flight
09/Feb06/Mar$1216View Flight
06/Mar27/Mar$1216View Flight
10/Feb10/Mar$1217View Flight
13/Feb27/Feb$1219View Flight
13/Mar27/Mar$1219View Flight
06/Mar20/Mar$1223View Flight
01/Mar30/Mar$1230View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$1232View Flight
01/Mar15/Mar$1232View Flight
13/Mar02/Apr$1232View Flight
15/Mar29/Mar$1251View Flight
$1129 Return Melbourne to Barcelona Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
09/May25/May$1129View Flight
08/Mar29/Mar$1129View Flight
09/Feb06/Mar$1129View Flight
03/May19/May$1134View Flight
07/Feb23/Feb$1134View Flight
07/Feb24/Feb$1134View Flight
08/Mar27/Mar$1134View Flight
07/Mar27/Mar$1134View Flight
06/Mar27/Mar$1134View Flight
05/Mar27/Mar$1134View Flight
31/Jan23/Feb$1134View Flight
11/Feb10/Mar$1134View Flight
09/Feb10/Mar$1134View Flight
11/Feb12/Mar$1134View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$1142View Flight
12/Mar26/Mar$1142View Flight
15/Mar29/Mar$1142View Flight
16/Mar30/Mar$1142View Flight
23/Mar06/Apr$1142View Flight
08/Feb22/Feb$1185View Flight
$1142 Return Sydney to Barcelona Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
19/Feb10/Mar$1142View Flight
04/May25/May$1142View Flight
02/Feb23/Feb$1142View Flight
02/Feb24/Feb$1142View Flight
02/Feb26/Feb$1142View Flight
16/Feb13/Mar$1142View Flight
02/Feb27/Feb$1142View Flight
09/Feb06/Mar$1142View Flight
14/Feb13/Mar$1142View Flight
11/Feb10/Mar$1142View Flight
01/Feb23/Feb$1147View Flight
31/Jan23/Feb$1147View Flight
19/Feb09/Mar$1148View Flight
12/Mar30/Mar$1148View Flight
11/Mar30/Mar$1148View Flight
01/Feb24/Feb$1148View Flight
08/Feb22/Feb$1155View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$1155View Flight
02/Mar16/Mar$1155View Flight
05/Mar19/Mar$1155View Flight
$1176 Return Brisbane to Barcelona Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
08/Feb22/Feb$1176View Flight
14/Feb13/Mar$1176View Flight
11/Feb12/Mar$1176View Flight
01/Feb24/Feb$1178View Flight
16/Feb13/Mar$1183View Flight
15/Feb13/Mar$1183View Flight
11/Feb10/Mar$1183View Flight
16/Feb15/Mar$1183View Flight
09/Feb10/Mar$1183View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$1188View Flight
08/Mar22/Mar$1188View Flight
15/Mar29/Mar$1188View Flight
19/Mar02/Apr$1188View Flight
05/Feb23/Feb$1276View Flight
02/Feb23/Feb$1276View Flight
01/Feb23/Feb$1276View Flight
09/Feb06/Mar$1309View Flight
19/Feb09/Mar$1321View Flight
12/Mar30/Mar$1321View Flight
04/Feb23/Feb$1321View Flight

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These prices won’t last long. Usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

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