Dust Off Your Passports, Travel is Back! International Borders Opening Soon.

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Travel is back! No more wistful wishing and thinking. The NSW Premier announced recently that Australia’s international border would re-open by Christmas 2021 and fully vaccinated travellers will be allowed to leave Australia and return without hotel quarantine. **Update** Its looking like the border will open in November!

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Where will travel take you in 2022?

Using a similar approach as the UK, the likely scenario when Australia’s international border opens that returning travellers will have to undergo 7 days home isolation with COVID-19 tests on day 2 and 5, and if all tests are negative, then you’re free to go about your daily life.

This will reduce the financial burden of adding $3000-$4000 to your return journey which puts a two week Bali vacation out of reach.

No doubt there will be teething problems, and the first few returning travellers will hopefully not screw it up for everyone else, but it’s the most hope we’ve had for the past 18 months.

You’ll still need to consider if the border is open in your destination country and what their vaccination rates are like, but you can bet that once Australia opens it’s international borders, other tourism reliant countries will be looking to cash-in on the boom of Aussie travellers heading overseas to spend their hoarded up money.

The key destinations opening up will be the Singapore, Japan, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France plus many more will soon add to the list which you can find at IATA Travel Centre.


Finding Cheap Flights

It’s one thing for the Australian Government to announce the border is opening, however, airlines will need time to catch up. For the past 18 months Airlines have been operating based on extreme caps on passenger arrivals, limited outbound travellers due to border closures, meaning many aircraft have been in storage, plus staff and crew were retrenched.

At the moment, Qantas, Japan Airlines, Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines and a few others have scheduled flights out of Australia from December 2021, however, as a lot of aircraft are still in storage there is limited capacity hence seat availability is restricted.

Despite the big announcements by Alan Joyce, Qantas has released limited schedules, and have held back availability on their cheaper sale fares. The prices you’ll find with Qantas are with their more flexible fares which attract higher prices.

Currently (as of 30Sep21), Emirates and Japan Airlines are the only carriers to release reasonably priced airfares (including Business Class) with good seat availability departing Australia to Europe for travel in May/June/July/August 2022.

There are cheap seats available to book leaving in December, but you won’t find cheap seats returning to Australia in January/February as it’s solidly booked. This is a result of the passenger caps on arrivals in 2021 – many travellers booked to return in early 2022 instead.

Also, some airlines have released availability, but are yet to release any decent airfares, whilst other Airlines have released decent airfares, but are holding back seat availability until border restrictions are actually eased.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be keeping a close watch on Flight Sales, seat availability, schedules and will be announcing any deals we find, as soon as they’re released. Sign up now to ensure you don’t miss out!

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So, where will travel take you in 2022? Comment below!

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