Half-Price Flights: Here’s How to Book Them

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Here’s how to book your half-price flights around Australia!

The Australian government recently announced that to boost domestic tourism post COVID19, they would subsidise flights meaning travellers can enjoy half-price flights to selected tourist destinations around Australia. The announcement included:

  • Up to 32,000 fares per week discounted by 50 per cent (off the median price)
  • Available on routes serviced by Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia
  • Destinations include Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia
  • 15 Routes announced to start with, potentially more to come
  • Half-price flights bookable from April with travel up to September 2021

You can read the full press announcement here or here which also goes into how this will help create jobs.

So how do you book these half-price flights?

It helps to know which destinations will be included, they are:


  • Launceston
  • Devonport
  • Burnie

South Australia

  • Kangaroo Island

Western Australia

  • Broome

Northern Territory

  • Uluru
  • Alice Springs


  • Cairns
  • Whitsundays
  • Mackay
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast

New South Wales

  • Merimbula


  • Avalon (Melbourne)

You don’t need any special codes to book discounted flights.

However, even though destinations were mentioned, not every flight route will receive discounts. At the moment, here’s the routes applicable:

Cheap Flights From Sydney
Sydney – CairnsSearch Now
Sydney – ProserpineSearch Now
Sydney – Hamilton IslandSearch Now
Sydney – Gold CoastSearch Now
Sydney – MaroochydoreSearch Now
Sydney – UluruSearch Now
Sydney – Alice SpringsSearch Now
Sydney – LauncestonSearch Now
Sydney – BroomeSearch Now
Sydney – AvalonSearch Now

Cheap Flights From Melbourne
Melbourne – Gold CoastSearch Now
Avalon – Gold CoastSearch Now
Melbourne – CairnsSearch Now
Melbourne – MaroochydoreSearch Now
Melbourne – Alice SpringsSearch Now
Melbourne – UluruSearch Now
Melbourne – LauncestonSearch Now
Melbourne – DevonportSearch Now
Melbourne – BurnieSearch Now
Melbourne – MerimbulaSearch Now
Melbourne – BroomeSearch Now

Cheap Flights From Canberra
Canberra – Gold CoastSearch Now
Cheap Flights From Gold Coast
Gold Coast – AvalonSearch Now

Cheap Flights From Brisbane
Brisbane – Alice SpringsSearch Now
Brisbane – UluruSearch Now
Brisbane – LauncestonSearch Now

Cheap Flights From Adelaide
Adelaide – Gold CoastSearch Now
Adelaide – MaroochydoreSearch Now
Adelaide – Alice SpringsSearch Now
Adelaide – KingscoteSearch Now

Cheap Flights From Darwin
Darwin – CairnsSearch Now
Darwin – BroomeSearch Now
Cheap Flights From Perth
Perth – Alice SpringsSearch Now

Discounted flights will be released from 1st April 2021 (for travel from 1st May 2021). It’s important to note that there will be limited tickets available each week at 50% off, so if you don’t see any cheap fares the 1st week of April, check back the following week and so on until you can book them.

Need a reminder? Click here to be reminded when cheap seats go on sale.

Most cheap tickets are from major cities so for example, Sydney to Merimbula or Melbourne to Launceston or Brisbane to Cairns. If you don’t see discounted flights, then check a different destination.

Know what the flight price is ahead of time

Search flights now ✈️

That way, you’ll recognise if you’re booking a cheap flight. The fares are not limited to airline (although they heavily favour Qantas), you can find discounted flights with Jetstar, Virgin Australia and potentially Rex.

The announcement specified discounts off the ‘median fare’ which basically means if the average price was $800 return, you can expect to pay around $400 return, however, that is taking into account that many seats are more expensive.

It helps to know the airline schedules so you can only look for flights on those days. Here’s some sample flight schedules:

So where will you go?

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