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In the future, once borders open up, we plan to offer real-world projects to help grow tourism, sustainably around the world through a range of innovative strategies utilising cleantech.

What is cleantech? Clean technology is any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.

Projects will include reducing carbon emissions, utilising clean energy, effective waste management via a circular economy and maximum use of sustainable building designs; all whilst helping to create jobs, employing locals.

Many of the big hotels are usually foreign owned, with profits disappearing overseas to shareholders. By focusing on projects that generate local jobs, for local businesses and generate sustainable income, we can help ensure these tourism hubs contribute effectively to the local economy, enhancing livelihoods without damaging the environment.

Projects we have in mind include installing rainwater tanks and pumps for clean water, followed by installing solar to provide electricity to small mountain villages in Pampanga in the Philippines. We would then build additional lodging for tourists. The locals can list rooms on sites like, Agoda and Airbnb to generate income through tourist stays with optional add-ons like cooking, rainforest hikes and language classes.

This gives visitors a unique local experience, an opportunity to learn about the ‘Pilippino’ culture, whilst providing helpful income for rural communities which can be used for education, infrastructure improvements and food.

Another idea we have is to generate clean energy from bio-waste. Using micro-organisms that ‘eat’ waste, we can generate gas which can be used to create heat, producing steam, thus emitting clean electricity whilst reducing landfill. It’s part of creating circular economies by reducing waste, utilising clean energy and recycling any by-products.

These are small projects, with big impacts.

It’s not the only thing we have planned. We’re full of ideas that will help generate sustainable income for impoverished communities around the world. We’re also open to suggestions.

Have an idea? Tell us.

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