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Flight Sales occur whenever an airline has seats they need to fill. Usually in advance, so they know what their aircraft and staffing requirements will be, however occasionally there can be last minute flight sales to fill unsold seats.

The best way to know if you’re getting a good deal is to monitor airline sales for your destination a few months in advance. Sign up now to receive the latest flight sales into your inbox. Otherwise, browse the latest flight sales below:

Cheaper Airfares Return with Increased Capacity from 747’s and A380’s Aircraft

#flightsale #A380 #747 #singaporeairlines #emirates #qantas Boing 747’s and Airbus A380’s are making a comeback! After being assigned to junk pile’s in deserts worldwide during COVID times, many airlines have realised that more seats = more customers and traveller’s have grown weary of limited availability and high prices. Most major airlines such as Qantas (QF),…

Cheap Flights to Europe 2022

Check out these cheap flights to Europe including last minute deals for 2022 and travel in 2023. Book Now or Miss Out!

South Island NZ on Sale

Save 15% off Activities and 20% off car hire in New Zealand’s South Island. Book Now or Miss Out!

Cheap Flights From Brisbane

Big flight sale with Virgin. Check out these flights from Brisbane, all including checked baggage, in-flight snack and direct flights! #flightsale

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