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Groupon offers incredible savings on a selection of hotels in Australia, USA, the UK and Europe! Most deals run for a few weeks depending on the offering and some of their deals include free bonuses like:

  • Late check-out
  • Free breakfast and/or dinner
  • Room upgrades
  • Free wine
  • Destination experiences including tours
  • Resort credits

If you’re fussy about where you stay it may not suit, but if you’re flexible and just want to save money, it’s worth checking out what deals are on offer.

Some of the discounts include ‘Mystery Hotels’ with the idea being you receive a substantial discount but don’t know where you’re staying until you buy the voucher, just the city and the hotel features. However, it doesn’t take much detective work to figure out which one the mystery hotel is.

Recently I was considering a road trip to Newcastle, NSW and one of the hotels I looked at on Groupon, was a ‘mystery hotel‘ in Newcastle which was $119 per night including breakfast, late check-out, welcome drinks and free wifi.

However I recognised some of the photos and so I checked the price of the Holiday Inn Express in Newcastle, (which matched the photos) and the going rate was $178 a night, a saving of over 32% per night if I purchased the ‘Mystery Hotel‘ through Groupon.

Unfortunately it wasn’t available for the dates I wanted but If you’re worried about availability, you can check before buying your voucher if rooms are available for the dates you’re after using the book now option.

Save up to 62% off 4* hotels in Australia

Just make sure you make a confirmed reservation as soon as you buy your Groupon hotel voucher. It’s important to note, when you buy a deal on Groupon, you’re essentially buying a gift voucher, which you then have to redeem to make a booking.

You can also search for ‘book now deals‘ which allow you to check availability prior to buying your Groupon voucher.

For a small extra step in the booking process, you may end up in a nicer hotel with free bonuses if you check the current Groupon deals as part of your hotel search. I know it’s extra work, but it could be worthwhile.

Current Discounted Groupon Hotel Deals

If you’re looking for a free hotel, then you’ll find that here.

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