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Qantas has announced mystery flights departing Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne starting from $737 return.

The mystery flights will feature:

  • Exclusive charter use of a Qantas Boeing 737
  • A mystery adventure awaits
  • Destination advised after departure
  • Include meals, drinks and snacks
  • Exclusive gift pack
  • Explore a mystery destination (a chance to get off the plane)
  • Scenic flybys
  • Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points and Status Credits

The flights will depart around 7am, returning that evening and include options for Business Class and Economy. If you’re departing from Sydney, you should probably pack to go somewhere tropical, whilst destinations from Brisbane and Melbourne are food and wine themed with options to explore the great outdoors and regional hospitality.

There’ll be no inflight entertainment so, it is a perfect opportunity to read my book, Drunk Love Sober Death. I still have a few copies available to ship straight away. Buy now and you could be holding it in your hands by the weekend.

drunk love sober death by Jade Jackson

Drunk Love Sober Death

Drunk Love Sober Death is a journey; at times whimsical, at others gripping but always real. 
It’s comprised of over 100 poems, songs and micro stories that will stick with you, long after you’ve flipped over the last page. 

It may seem excessive to fly somewhere for a day, but at least you can rest assured knowing your trip will be carbon neutral. Plus with international borders closed for a few more months at least, it’s a chance to feel that excitement of going someplace different, holidaying with strangers, but without missing any time off work.

Business class seats are $1579 each and Economy seats are $737 each.

For more information or to make a booking, you’ll need to book direct on the Qantas website as these aren’t available anywhere else. Tickets go on sale from midday, Thursday 4th March 2021.

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Cheapest flights from Sydney to Brisbane departing in March 2021:

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23 December 202127 December 2021 156Book Now or Miss Out
24 December 20212 January 2022 156Book Now or Miss Out
25 December 20212 January 2022 124Book Now or Miss Out
26 December 202131 December 2021 113Book Now or Miss Out
29 December 202130 December 2021 112Book Now or Miss Out
30 December 20215 January 2022 129Book Now or Miss Out
3 January 202217 January 2022 113Book Now or Miss Out
7 January 202213 January 2022 112Book Now or Miss Out
2 February 20226 February 2022 122Book Now or Miss Out
5 February 20228 February 2022 116Book Now or Miss Out
7 February 202214 February 2022 108Book Now or Miss Out
9 February 202216 February 2022 108Book Now or Miss Out
10 February 202213 February 2022 110Book Now or Miss Out
15 February 202222 February 2022 114Book Now or Miss Out
18 February 202220 February 2022 120Book Now or Miss Out
19 February 202222 February 2022 113Book Now or Miss Out

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