Escape L.A from $26 roundtrip**

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Escape L.A from just $26 roundtrip! All flights are roundtrip, direct and include hand luggage. Check them out now:

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Escape from L.A

Origin - DestinationDepartureReturn atPriceBook
Los AngelesLas Vegas19 December 202321 December 2023 39Book Now
Los AngelesSalt Lake City16 December 202320 December 2023 62Book Now
Los AngelesOakland3 February 20246 February 2024 72Book Now
Los AngelesReno10 January 202411 January 2024 76Book Now
Los AngelesDallas6 February 20247 February 2024 78Book Now
Los AngelesSan Antonio6 February 20247 February 2024 85Book Now
Los AngelesSan Francisco3 February 20246 February 2024 91Book Now
Los AngelesHouston9 January 202410 January 2024 92Book Now
Los AngelesPortland28 February 20245 March 2024 97Book Now
Los AngelesTucson7 February 202412 February 2024 104Book Now
Los AngelesSan Jose9 January 202412 January 2024 122Book Now
Los AngelesSan Diego2 February 20247 February 2024 126Book Now
Los AngelesFort Lauderdale11 January 202413 January 2024 133Book Now
Los AngelesChicago10 January 202411 January 2024 134Book Now
Los AngelesMiami22 January 202425 January 2024 156Book Now
Los AngelesSeattle11 December 202313 December 2023 164Book Now
Los AngelesMinneapolis9 December 202313 December 2023 166Book Now
Los AngelesDenver15 December 202317 December 2023 168Book Now
Los AngelesNew York10 January 202413 January 2024 178Book Now
Los AngelesOrlando13 December 202315 December 2023 182Book Now
Los AngelesPhoenix20 December 202322 December 2023 185Book Now
Los AngelesHonolulu5 February 202411 February 2024 189Book Now
Los AngelesKailua-Kona9 January 202413 January 2024 197Book Now
Los AngelesBoston16 January 202417 January 2024 204Book Now
Los AngelesAustin6 February 20247 February 2024 209Book Now
Los AngelesCancun12 February 202416 February 2024 227Book Now
Los AngelesOklahoma City15 December 202317 December 2023 236Book Now
Los AngelesPuerto Vallarta3 February 20248 February 2024 248Book Now
Los AngelesSan Juan7 January 202412 January 2024 265Book Now
Los AngelesKauai Island4 January 20249 January 2024 271Book Now
Los AngelesJackson1 February 20242 February 2024 282Book Now
Los AngelesMexico City25 January 202427 January 2024 307Book Now
Los AngelesAnchorage15 April 202421 April 2024 321Book Now

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