Escape L.A from $26 roundtrip**

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Escape L.A from just $26 roundtrip! All flights are roundtrip, direct and include hand luggage. Check them out now:

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Escape from L.A

Origin - DestinationDeparture atReturn atPriceFind tickets
Los Angeles ↔ San Francisco1 March 20226 March 2022 41Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Denver2 December 20216 December 2021 42Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Oakland9 December 202112 December 2021 50Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Las Vegas14 December 202116 December 2021 52Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Dallas2 February 20228 February 2022 57Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Atlanta7 December 20218 December 2021 71Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Orlando15 January 202218 January 2022 77Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Austin1 December 20214 December 2021 80Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Reno11 January 202216 January 2022 83Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Salt Lake City28 January 20221 February 2022 89Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ New Orleans29 January 20221 February 2022 89Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Louisville10 January 202213 January 2022 90Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Philadelphia3 December 20216 December 2021 91Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Phoenix11 December 202113 December 2021 93Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Fresno9 December 202113 December 2021 101Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ San Jose10 December 202113 December 2021 103Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Chicago8 December 202111 December 2021 107Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Seattle12 January 202215 January 2022 110Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ New York11 January 202217 January 2022 111Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ San Diego16 December 202119 December 2021 113Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Houston9 December 202113 December 2021 114Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Tucson27 January 202231 January 2022 115Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Fort Lauderdale19 January 202224 January 2022 115Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Baltimore21 January 202224 January 2022 117Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Yuma7 January 202210 January 2022 119Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Milwaukee9 January 202213 January 2022 121Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Portland25 February 20222 March 2022 121Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Saint Louis19 February 202222 February 2022 122Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Columbus10 December 202112 December 2021 130Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Sacramento11 December 202112 December 2021 131Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Minneapolis16 December 202118 December 2021 131Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ San Salvador17 January 202220 January 2022 137Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Detroit3 December 20216 December 2021 138Book Now
Los Angeles ↔ Tampa1 December 20215 December 2021 141Book Now

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